Avalon Waterways – Ocean vs. River Cruising

One: An Avalon Waterways river cruise provides a continuously changing landscape through destinations rich in history.

Two: Unlike an ocean cruise, which often has full days of sailing, an Avalon Waterways river cruise will have shorter stretches of sailing during the day, with much of the sailing occurring at night. This allows your clients more time to interact with their destination. They’ll have at least one in port destination a day to enjoy included sightseeing, organized tours or activities, or the option to just ramble on their own.

Three: On an ocean cruise, there’s an extra cost for excursions, while an Avalon Waterways river cruise includes onshore excursions and activities in the price of the cruise. This makes it much easier for your travelers to budget their vacation before they go.

Four: With an Avalon Waterways river cruise, travelers will dock right in the heart of a historic city. This provides a more convenient and immersive experience, with lots of time to get out and explore.

Five: River cruise ships have more space and less passengers. This means there’s not only more room, but there’s also a greater degree of personalized service. Because our average room size is larger, our ships have less staterooms on board due to restrictive river ship sizes. This all adds up to a spaciousness that over the years has earned Avalon Waterways abundant accolades.

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